Hai, I am

Kashyap Pradeep

I am an experienced Creative Director with a proven track record of elevating brand identity and driving sales. Specializing in FB Ads and Google Ads, I've successfully led a team of 30 with innovative strategies for enhanced brand visibility and sales.

Over the past 7 years, I've created eye-catching designs and optimized ad campaigns for various industries, including challenging sectors like livestock farming.

I bring a blend of creativity and strategic vision to every project, staying updated on industry trends to plan campaigns effectively. I'm ready to take on new challenges and contribute my skills to your team.

Best Performing wholesale Clients of the company

Gravitain is connected to Liverpool Africa and deals with distributing audio devices. They mainly target wholesale buyers, especially offline retailers, making up 70% of their audience. I was responsible for finding leads for wholesale distribution and creating all the necessary content for related to the product

A glimpse of Product introduction content

Product Photoshoot

Gravityband X1 ( best performing product )

Photo Manipulation